Donate Materials for the Classes

Support  Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza's  Classes  by  making  any  of  the  following  donations

●  Tax deductible Monetary Donations payable to Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza

●  For Baking and Gelatin classes:

            Cake Pans,  Spatulas,  Commercial Mixer,  Cookie Trays,  Cake Mix,  Flour,

            Confectioners Sugar,  Cooking Oil,  Icing Nozzles,  Icing Bags,  Cake Carriers,

            Cupcake Liners,  Food Coloring

●  For Sewing and Knitting classes:

            Sewing Machines,  Yarn, Yards of Cloth,  Knitting Needles,  Spools of Thread,  Scissors

●   For Danza class:

            Folklorico Dresses,  Blouses,  Dance Shoes

●  For Painting class:  

            Oil Paints,  Water Paints,  Easels,  Painting Mats,  Newsprint,  Charcoal,  Brushes, 

            Storage Boxes for Painting Supplies

●  For Mosaic Art class:

            Colored Glass,  Colored Tiles,  Small Vases,  Small Pots,  Glass Cutters,  Glass Nippers,

            Mosaic Adhesives,  Safety Glasses,  Tweezers,  Grout,  Grouting Bags

●  For Computer Class:

            Useable Computers, Monitors, and Ink Cartridges