In 1989, Religious Sisters witnessed the oppression of women and families in the El Paso / Mexico borderland. The Sisters prayed and discerned for ways to remove the barriers causing hardship and suffering. They prayed a Spirit of Service into the heart and soul of Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza. That spirit of service was put into written word titled as the Purpose and Mission of Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza.

The Sisters’ missionary work in the borderland focused on serving women and families, and nurturing women and community members into leadership roles. The Purpose and Mission, inspired by prayer, continues today at Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza.

Many of the women who once needed services for their families now give back to the community by serving women and families. The Purpose and Mission of helping remove barriers is the singular connection that causes people from all walks of life to serve the community through Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza.  Every person is blessed with unique gifts and talents, and we ask that you share them with others by serving at Centro Mujeres de la Esperanza.